Saturday, December 15, 2012


So I ducked into the local Kmarket yesterday to see if they had anything that would fit onto my wife's Christmas list.  As I was leaving the store empty handed I saw a little girl maybe, maybe 8 years old, in front of the main entrance.  She's watching incoming cars like she's waiting for someone to pick her up.  She's still there about 5 minutes later.  10 or 15 people walk by her without giving her a second glance.  I get back out of my vehicle to ask her if she wants to use my phone to call anyone.  As I approach she walks back in the store.  Still not a parent in sight.  How does a parent leave a kid that age unattended in a public setting on a day that includes Newtown Conn?

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  1. How does a parent leave there young children unsupervised in public period, you were the nice guy trying to help it could have been someone who asked if she wanted to come see his dog in his van.

    So sadly whatever some people may claim their children are not the most important thing in their lives.