Monday, September 2, 2013

Glad the ammo is creeping back.

With my Dad's birthday is rapidly approaching I made some arrangements and loaded down my vehicle.

With a few thousand rounds in various calibers we were all set for some fun in the sun at a friend's personal range.

A bit of work and we got some of the rust knocked off of our trigger fingers. Then some snap caps sprinkled through the magazines to smooth out some flinching.

Topped the day off with a bang.

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Saturday, April 20, 2013


New chain store opened up in town in the last few days. I'm not sure how well stocked their ammo shelves were on day one. But they still had a select assortment of calibers left when I came in. They had an equal selection when I walked out. 30 dollars for a box of 38 spl round nose isn't something I want to encourage.

I don't want gun owners to go back to sleep after this week's senate victories. But hopefully demand slacks off a bit.

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Another animal in our schools

  At least there was no classes in session in this one.  A panicked buck crashing into a class full of 7th graders could have been messy.  Maybe I should write my congress critters and tell them we need to establish deer free zones for our schools.  If it saves just one life...I'll be amazed.  Just goes to show how easy it can be to get into a building if you ignore the polite conventions.

  They missed out on a golden opportunity to educate the kids though.  The p.e. department could have harvested the deer with their archery supplies. (Do schools still have archery classes? Mine did, favorite part of gym every year).  The biology teacher could have done the field dressing and dissection.  (Way easier to see all the fiddly bits than on a frog).  The home ec department could have shown the kids some basic food processing, and the chemistry department could have tanned the hide.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Not recommended

Falling down a half flight of ice covered steps. Especially with a full size 9 @ 5o'clock.

Got lucky though. Happened before in 2007. (without the 9) Back then I spent 3 months off work and in physical therapy. I'm moving slowly the morning after. But I'm moving.

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Unsuccessful weekend

I struck out deer hunting this weekend. Luckily venison is a luxury rather than a necessary staple of the family diet.

It was at least a beautiful day to be in the field.

One of my bigger sources of frustration this season was our wildlife division's modified shooting hours. They quietly shortened the legal hours... removing the traditionally second most productive time of the day.
Last year they rolled out digital deer check. I wonder how many people are going to self report themselves as criminals with the new system.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First project of the new year complete

My first attempt at leather work. Seems secure so far.

I'll be remaking this design once I locate some heavier leather. I accidentally ordered split cowhide. Still a fun little project and a learning experience.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


For 2013 I resolve to get 4 (or more of course) new or novice shooters to the range to learn the fun available in safe gun handling.  Already have my first guy lined up. I'm no expert but I can drill him on the 4 rules and teach him at least a few of the mechanics.

I resolve to learn to reload my own ammo.  This is an ongoing project.  I've got a second hand press.  Fair amount of used brass.  Dies to fit some of my brass.  Lots of dies in calibers I don't own.  But given one thing and another I hadn't bought any small pistol primers before December.  I might be out of luck on that until the furor dies down.

Canning.  I need to learn the art of pressure canning.  I've a fair garden given the tiny plot I'm working with, and I'm ashamed to admit I left a fair bit of useable food to waste in the garden again this year.

Looking back over this I guess my goals are knowledge transfers.  I think I can be happy with that.  Especially since I can fulfill them while spending more time with family and friends.