Tuesday, January 1, 2013


For 2013 I resolve to get 4 (or more of course) new or novice shooters to the range to learn the fun available in safe gun handling.  Already have my first guy lined up. I'm no expert but I can drill him on the 4 rules and teach him at least a few of the mechanics.

I resolve to learn to reload my own ammo.  This is an ongoing project.  I've got a second hand press.  Fair amount of used brass.  Dies to fit some of my brass.  Lots of dies in calibers I don't own.  But given one thing and another I hadn't bought any small pistol primers before December.  I might be out of luck on that until the furor dies down.

Canning.  I need to learn the art of pressure canning.  I've a fair garden given the tiny plot I'm working with, and I'm ashamed to admit I left a fair bit of useable food to waste in the garden again this year.

Looking back over this I guess my goals are knowledge transfers.  I think I can be happy with that.  Especially since I can fulfill them while spending more time with family and friends.  


  1. Do you already have a 22lr handgun? They're still one of the few things in the gun stores not sold out and you can still put a brick of 500+ though it for $15. Good supplemental training as well as much fun.

  2. Oh yes; I love my buckmark. Though if i had it to do over again I would pass on the camper model. Had to replace the poly top strap after I ran into a heavily charged .22 out of a bulk box of remington.