Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Etymotic gunsport hearing protection

     About a month ago I lucked into a set of gunsport pros.  I can't help but love them.  And today I finally got them out to the range.

     These have 2 modes, highly amplified and what they call normal hearing.  I have not tried them much in the amplified state, other than to verify i can flip a switch and make small sounds much bigger.  The low setting for me is still an amplification over my regular hearing.

    First thing I did after opening the box was wear them out to eat at a local restaurant.  The amplification of all the folks around me had me wondering if the switches had gotten bumped to high mode.  Alas I had to remove them to enjoy a dinner in peace.

     These were purchased originally as a back up for quality hearing aids. I have to agree with the original purchaser that these take moderate crowd noise to an in your face level.  They don't play well with moderate background noise or heavy wind.

     They performed well in an industrial setting.  Towmotor back up alarms and horns were noticeable but not painful.  The trip into our mill room was as comfortable as it's ever been.  And conversations with fellow associates were as clear as a bell.

      They handled .22, 9mm, and .45 in pistols without the slightest discomfort.  I neglected to bring any centerfire rifles along but I am optimistic that they will keep performing like the champs they are. Bonus that I can wear my preferred wide brimmed hats while shooting.  Eye protection is problem free as well.
     Battery life has been pretty good, And amazon has yearly supplies of batteries for under 30$


Friday, February 6, 2015


I get an annual bribe from the company I work with to maintain a minimum level of health. I'm looking at either a Ruger 1911 cmd or a Marlin 1894 in .44 mag. Never owned a 1911 or a lever gun.

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