Monday, December 3, 2012

New ecig

     I've been using ecigs to allay my nicotine addiction for about 2 years now.  Read a good bit about them, made sure my company didn't forbid them, and made my first purchase.  Started with an el cheapo from a truck stop and moved forward from there.  The el cheapo disappointed as they always do but I persevered.         You don't always get what you pay for with cheap electronics like these,  ymmv considerably from mine.

     Facebook threw an advertisement on my newsfeed for vape dojo.  Looks to be a fledgling ecig company just getting their first brick and mortar location established.  They had some great prices as well as some products that I hadn't seen before.  There were a few hiccups with my first order but customer service came through for me.
     First thing I picked up was their Katana kit.  this is a bare bones ego style starter kit.  Nothing too special about it except the price. (I've paid more for a similar battery without the extras) Its a solid performer: good vapor,650 mah battery, great charger,  solidly built.  New style of clearomizer for me.  510 threading.  It's hard to go wrong with this kit.

I also picked up a 900 mah (milli amp?) usb pass through battery.  I'd settled on 650 mah passthrough batteries as my go to in the past.  This is a definite step up in terms of daily use. Totally worth the money in my book.  If I wasn't about to delve into the world of variable voltage that is.........

My first variable voltage battery arrived today.  (I mentioned shipping hiccups, this was it)  Out of the box this thing rocks.  Mostly..  The power it delivers is impressive for the small price tag.  The button that runs the whole show leaves a bit to be desired.  It has stuck on me a few times already this evening.  Nothing serious just bump it again with a fingertip and its free.  Just something to be aware of before you tuck it back into a pocket.   Been running on half power for several hours and the led display says I'm still at greater than 75% charge.

All things considered seems like a good company.  Quick shipping, good prices, and reasonably well built products. Give them a look

Ftc disclaimer. I paid with these items out of my own pocket and I am rendering my honest opinion cause I feel like doing so.

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